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Monday, February 14, 2011

Candylike M&M HandMade Brooches for Sale !

HandMade Brooches for Sale !!!

Never knew the brooches will look extremely gorgeous until i see my friend wearing them..A big WOW Wow Wow!!!

What is fun about the brooches in my blog? Okay here you go...

You can request your OWN COLORS! Maybe you don't have the scarf of the matching brooches that i do sell..Don't worry...You can PM me for the colors you want..But sorry that each will be charged extra 20 cents. Wish i don't have to do that but i have no choice as i have put more effort in getting the colors that you have requested if they are not available in my stock..Am sorry kay ! :)

Anyhow, the brooches aren't expensive as the prices range only from RM 3 to RM 5..! Isn't that cheap??

So, have a look at some of the collections and PM/mail me if you are interested..And ofcourse you can always contact me thru FB..You can expect my reply within 24 hours..

And i do accept "Borong" purchase..But remember, all orders will only be started once your payment is confirmed :) Okay, let's have a m&m brooch tour.....

RM 4

RM 4.90

RM 3

RM 4.90

Color : Blue + Pearl white
Size : 3.5 cm
Price : RM 4.90

Color : Red + Yellow
Size : 3.5 cm
Price : RM 4

Color : Blue + Purple pink
Size : 3cm
Price : RM 3

Color : Baby pink + Purple
Size : 3.5 cm
Price : RM 4.90

Colour : Purple pink + baby pink
Size : 3cm
Price : RM 3.50

Hair clip / Scarf clip
Color : blue + black
Price : RM 5.90

M&M Ribbon Brooch
Color : Pink + blue
Price : RM 2.50
RM 2.50

How to order ???
Mail me at
Leave your comments below

Will get back to you as soon as possible...

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