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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pink, Blue and Green

ni 3 keroppi yang dipesan...tiga2 dh siap sbrnya, biru tu lum amik gmbr yg siap..

comel x??? Berkenan ek?? Pm la sy lau camtu :D

Satu Keroppi comel hanya RM 5....Lebar lebh krg saiz tapak tgn, tinggi rendah sikit...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Orders ready to be delivered after a busy schedule...I had two tough weeks...seriously it was as busy as bees......bbbbzzzzz.....

So many observations...maths, bi, maths, bi...lalala~

However, i think this week is the busiest of the rest as i have 3 continuous observations...Maybe am just too bored of those observations that i have no feelings bout it...naah..lev it aside...

Okay,let's come back to business..Here is the order one of my customer requested...

She requested for a doll which is like sis Jaja Kraf did by using PVC sheet...but my customers requested in felt..

So i came up with this, however, i was not able to find for an oval shaped button for the nose so i used an oval shaped felt cut as a replacement. I guess it's pretty cool as well..

SO about this doll..What shall i name it ? Mr Bean doll ?? perhaps...or so watever...

He is pretty big about 20 cm in length...Has a huge love shaped bell...Very cute look and smile *it did attracted me by the way*

And then here comes the other 2 orders by her...A pair of sunglasses ( she requested to be the same as sis Jajakraf did as well )

and a giraffe of my own...

So what do you think of them ?? Maybe you would like to get one for yourself, your loved ones??? Feel free to drop your comments below :) Thank you !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Teddy Bear !

Here is my new order from a customer..

She requested a pair of sunglasses like in Jaja Kraf's blog...

And a giraffe...

You can see them below...Teddy bear is not for sale !

Sunglasses - RM 5.90
Giraffe - RM 5

PM me if you are interested :)
I can make designs of your own choice !

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