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Thursday, February 3, 2011

♥ Felt Craft Kit ♥ (◕‿-)

Hello everyone,

I believe there are many out there that are eager to make their own felt crafts. So do am i. And i know how it is to look for each items needed to make a felt craft.
So, next week, Felt Craft Kit ♥ is coming up to make your interest and hobby a little more easier at your door step.

What are the items will be included in the Felt Craft Kit ( FCK ) ?? (photos will be uploaded next week)
Here they are..Each kits include...

1. 6 various colours of velvet felts ( 10cm x 20cm ) - Colours are extremely gorgeous, velvet felts are not too soft so it is very suitable for all kind of crafts without any mess.
2. 3 handphone strips - For your andphone, pendrives, handbags or to give your friends.
3. 3 pieces of complete ring keychains - Birthday gifts ?? For your bags??
4. 2 pieces of brooch pins - So you can even try your own brooches!!!
5. 5 pieces of candy round buttons(random colors)
6. 4 pieces tiny buttons ( random colors and cute shapes-flower,butterfly, etc )
7. 3 micro buttons ( random colors )
8. 2 satin white rose buds - I am pretty bad enough when it comes to sew at the hp string part, so i always cover the mess with my satin rose buds. They are pretty good to cover up the mess as a beautiful embellishment.
9. 2 bells ( random colors ) - Why not add a bell at the bottom of your keychain?? It gives a pretty cute keychain tho'.
10. a black string
11. Fiber fill - to stuff in your craft

And you know what is the best part of this kit ?
You will be given a ♥ FREE "Hoot felt keychain template with directions" AND "Pattern templates"!! FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

ALL THESE ARE ONLY FOR RM 21.90 including postal ♥..So,what are you waiting for?? Hurry up as only 3 Felt Craft Kits available !!

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