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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Polka Dot !!

Few days back i requested my mom to sew for me a polka dot baju kurung...

And then i came out with this polka dot heart charm by using the extra pieces of cloth..

So here it is which was simply gorgeous to me !

It costs RM 4.90 only.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keroppi :)

Malam tadi cber wt encik Keroppi plak...

Encik Keroppi ni bole dijadikan keychain, hp strap, atau badge kat beg pun bole...

Ni die hasilnye...

Harganye RM 5 shj...bole PM tuk pesanan :)


Nak wt encik Keroppi ni ??

DIY pack available jgk... RM 15 shj termasuk pos :) murah je kan...

Apa yg ada dalam DIY pack ni ?

Ni die...

1. Felt yang secukupnye
2. Keroppi template
3. Hp strap / Keychain - (random)
4. Tali tuk gantung hp strap / keychain
5. Sedikit fiber

Anda HANYA pelu menyediakan Gam, Gunting, Benang, Jarum...Tu je..

Lau berminat boleh la PM saya kat FB atau emel kat

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pensive Rabbit ♥

Today's new creation !

~~~~Pensive Rabbit ~~~~Add Video

Her size would be approximately 5 to 6 cm in length....

I used purple and very light green..

She costs at RM 5.90..

She is slightly expensive the the other charms/keychains as the working involved in doing her is little tougher..

Interested? PM or drop ur comments below :)

Yellow themed order from a customer :)

This pretty customer of mine wanted a keychain of the name of her choice as below and the background should be yellow..

I gave her choices of love,flower,butterfly or a bee and she chose a bee..Personally i love the bees too...i mean the felt bee...

so here is the outcome which i loved it as well..It costs RM 4.50 with own choice of color for the background, pattern and name(max 4)..

The color of the letters and buttons will be chosen by myself, something that goes well and nice with the background...

Second was a car signage with "Prince Amol on Heart" on it..*Guess it's for her beloved-how lucky he is :)*

Again, she wants yellow, so the background was brown (her choice) which i find as the best choice..

The color of the wordings were her choice as well. So here is the car signage...Hopefully she will like it :) *fingers crossed*

This car signage costs RM 9 .

You can always PM me for more details :)

Heart Charm

Here's another order from a shop who is interested in my Heart Charm. It's a total of 25 charms..He requested for 10 charms with crytal, 5 with bells, 5 without bells and 5 with crystal and bell.

Have a look at those pretty charms :))

Click the image for a bigger view...

The prices of those charms...

Heart charm....
* with crystal - RM 4
* without crytal - RM 3.50

Additional items...
* bell - RM 0.30
* each letter RM 0.20 ( max 3 )
* "Made with love" charm - RM 1.20 (it's a silver metal love shaped charm written 'made with love' which can also be worn together with the hp charm)

Interested ? Drop ur msgs/ comments below OR to my FB inbox OR mail me at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guitar :)

Here is my first trial that went well due to one of my customer's request..
She requested for 2 guitars in sea blue and red color for her brothers..
Thank God the result was beautiful. :)

Seriously, it's a beautiful guitar.Personally, i love the red the most :)

Each guitar costs at RM 4.90.

If anyone out there is interested as well, you can always mail me at or just PM to my facebook(

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too Free for a Hp Charm :)

Guess am too free today as it is weekends...

So, came up with this heart charm again...

My theme was black and orange added with crystals at the bottom..

Have a look if you are interested :)

Car Charm

It's a car charm requested by a customer..

His theme was two hearts, Black, Red, White and Gold...and not too long...

So i came up with this...2 hearts in black, one big and another smaller...with red hearts in the middle..

I used white thread to sew them..As for the Gold, i used gold colored crystals in the middle and at the bottom..

Here it is..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st Giveaway WINNER !!!

Dup is already 1st of march....

First of all i would like to thank all of you for taking interest on my blog's giveaway. Truly appreciate your supports and hopefully i will have more giveaways in future :)

So here comes the moment.........

The winner is ................

Congratulations dear !!!! :)))) yehaaa!

Don't forget to mail me Your details asap :))

So, for the rest,thank you so much for ur support again and don't miss the next giveaway :)


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