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Friday, February 4, 2011

Felt Craft Kit - 3 available

What are the items will be included in the Felt Craft Kit ( FCK ) ??

1. 6 various colours of velvet felts ( 10cm x 20cm ) - Colours are extremely gorgeous, velvet felts are not too soft so it is very suitable for all kind of crafts without any mess.
2. 3 handphone strips - For your andphone, pendrives, handbags or to give your friends.
3. 3 pieces of complete ring keychains - Birthday gifts ?? For your bags??
4. 2 pieces of brooch pins - So you can even try your own brooches!!!
5. 5 pieces of candy round buttons (random colors)
6. 4 pieces tiny buttons ( random colors and cute shapes-flower,butterfly, etc )
7. 3 micro buttons ( random colors )
8. 2 satin white rose buds - I am pretty bad enough when it comes to sew at the hp string part, so i always cover the mess with my satin rose buds. They are pretty good to cover up the mess as a beautiful embellishment.
9. 2 bells ( random colors ) - Why not add a bell at the bottom of your keychain?? It gives a pretty cute keychain tho'.
10. 2 snap clip ( not in the pic )
11. a black string
12. Fiber fill - to stuff in your craft

And you know what is the best part of this kit ?
You will be given a FREE "Hoot felt keychain template with directions" AND "Pattern templates"!! FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

ALL THESE ARE ONLY FOR RM 21.90 including postal charges !!! (Within Malaysia)

Do PM me at or leave your comments below !

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