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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello everybody !!!

Hope everyone is doing great !!

I have an announcement to make regarding DELIVERY of ordered items..

Since I have started with my practicals this week which will last for another 3 months, i will be having a real packed schedule and will not be able to make delivery twice per week as i always do.

Therefore, i will only be doing deliveries ONCE PER WEEK which most probably would be on TUESDAY.. However, if i happen to be free, i will proceed to the post office more than once per week..

So, i hope my customers will understand my situation for the coming 3 months as the post office isn't near either as how it is at my hometown :( jauh sgt....

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and please do bare with my slow delivery service for the next 3 months..

TQ ~

With love,
Anantha ~Xoxo~

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