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Sunday, May 22, 2011

LadyBird !!

What do you think of this pretty ladybird here?? Feel free to drop your comments below :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

M&M Brooch..

Here, i have 4 brooches for sale...

It costs only RM 4.50 each (Please take note that the actual price is RM 4.90)

I only have 1 piece for each design.

The size is a little bit bigger than a 50 sen coin.

If you are interested, kindly drop an email to

Postal will be RM 3 via express post.

RM 4.50 each

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eyepin Brooch (^ - ^)

To all ladies out there !!

Here comes eyepin brooch for your shawls since it's a shawl season now...

Am sure they will look pretty good on you ladies...

Have a look at them :)

Each costs only RM 10 and if you take 3 and more pieces, you will be getting a FREE POSTAGE!!

Isn't that great?? So have a look and leave your comments below(name,email add,code) or mail me at for purchase !!

Code C, D, and E - Ms Ecah ( 1pc each ) ----> FREE POSTAGE!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hp Charm @ Keychain

Ni die hp charm / keychain RCR wt ptg td...
Di kala2 tgh borink n tgk butang2 tu x disentuh, RCR pun wt la hp charm ni...kiut x???
RCR pilih kaler biru mude gn biru tue...sajer suke2...xd sebab len tau...
Pastu letak la huruf A tuk nama i la tu...hee~
awal2 plan nk ltk munge, pastu dh nmpk butang2 ni, xjd lak ltk bunge...
kwn tgk td tegur comel menda ni..hee..ske3 :D

Ni die, kowag tgk2 la tau mn tau berminat ke...
RM 4 /each

RCR terima bulk oder tau....jgn segan2 nk contact i ni..

Harga charm ni RM 4 jek...Lau amik byk2, RCR bg free postage...nk x???? haaa...bes kn...

Kowang leh pilih huruf gn kaler die skali....butang tu random je la....

Lau ske, leh tinggalkn komen kat bwh ni @ emel kat


Customer's Order

Name Keychain ~~

Ni order dr sOrag customer RCR...
Kawan ni mintak 19 Keychain bernama...tuk rakan2 la tu..baik kan???
RCR siapkan ni dlm masa 4 hari kot...Tp sebab stok keychain ring tu dh abes, RCR tempah la, xtau naper abang posmen tu lewat smpi pas 4 hari gak...

Baru ptg td RCR siap pasang ring2 die sume...Esok, lusa i poskan...
Arap2 customer RCR ni berpuas ati gn hasilnye...

Terima kasih daun keladi ~ !!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shawl clip @ Snap clip


Here is the new felt craft trial of mine...

It's a shawl clip @ snap clip...

I used a snap clip at the back of them and this costs RM 4.90

You can also request for a alligator clip for RM 5

Colours are all at your own choices...

You decide the colour and i will do it for you...If you want to add some accessories on it like buttons for instant, additional charges will apply...

Interested? Please PM me at OR leave a comment below with your email add and i will get back to you asap...

Feel free to visit my FB for more items..

You can place your orders to my fb inbox as well..Hp keychain, car signage, car charm, brooch, anything you say...

Dont forget to check out the items !! Adios~

Saturday, May 7, 2011

PRE-ORDER for Mini Paper Shredder (closed)

Hello everyone !!

I am surveying for the PRE ORDER of Handpowered Mini Paper Shredder now until 28th of May 2011 due to your requests :)

Each unit costs RM 26.90

Postal charges are RM 7 (semenanjung) and RM 12 (sabah/sarawak) via Pos Laju

Deliveries will take place end of May 2011..

So, if you guys are interested please do leave ONLY 1 comment below..

EX : *name*,*no of units*,*location*,*email add*

I will contact all of u via mail once the payment can be made for confirmation...

As for note, only CIMB is currently at my convenience !! :)

Thanks everyone!!

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