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Friday, December 2, 2011

I am the Winner!!!

Adorable !!! Aren't they???
Hee...Soon gonna be mine !!!

I have just won a GiveAway by MyBotang
Thank you MyBotang for selecting me :)
This is my first randomly chosen giveaway that i've won...

Thank you so much :)


I have contacted my supplier regarding Hand Powered Mini Paper Shredder..

Please be informed that he HAS GOT NO STOCKS for the item...

Therefore, i cannot restock the item..

Hope i have stated clearly and there will not be any questions regarding the item until FURTHER NOTICE...

Thank you

*i will look through if i can get stock from him.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hairband For Sale ~

Here is my first handmade HairBand...

Suitable for kids and adults...

Fully stitched and decorated with buttons and beads...

Costs only RM 8 / pc...

Grab it !! Left only 1 PIECE...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angry Bird

RM 5 each

9cm x 8 xm

Grab them while stock lasts !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Khas Utk Classmate ku ~ Nurul Hidayah Isnin ~

Ni saya buat khas utk classmate saya, Nurul Hidayah binti Isnin.

Beliau tak sehat hari ni...Get well soon dear..

Oh ye birthday beliau dah lama lepas sebenarnya, dan saya pun dah lama beli kad utk beliau tapi hadiahnye tak siap2...

Haa, masa 1 jam tadi tu la saya siapkan keychain ni...Comel kan cam beliau
cam saya gak??

Haa...cube tgk sama tak keychain ni gn rupa beliau...Tapi keychain ni, beliau pakai lens la...

Lastly, Belated Birthday Wishes dekyah :))

p/s : Classmate len...jgn kecik ati ye...before kite grad, saya akn tinggalkan kenangan kat korang gak :))

Ultraman Kini Kembali Beraksi !! Order dari Kedai Apple Shop ~

Ultraman 2 biji dari Kedai Apple Shop siap ~

Order Dari Kawan ~

Ni pulak order dari classmate saya, akim...

Akim amik owl merah tu...*yg lain masih available ye* dengan 2 guitar..

Tanx akim :)

Order Customer ~

Haa...Ni die order return customer saya..

Beliau request keychain pororo dengan keychain "Haha"

Terima kasih Aliaa :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Angry Bird ~ first trial ~

Wanted to do 3D round shaped angry bird...

Ended up with 3D cube shaped angry bird..

Guess something wrong with my cutting or maybe the felt was sort of hard...

What do you think?? Comments...Comments...Comments...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Head Scarf ~

Head scarf made exclusively upon a request from my friend for her sister's birthday..

You can make one for yourself and your little ones too ! Fully handstitched..

Only RM 8 for a max of 6 letters :)

Do fill in the order form :)

Owls For Sale

These Owls Are For SALE !!

Only RM 4 / pc

Interested ? Kindly Fill the Order Form and do wait for my reply within 24 hours :)


Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday again ~

Kinda bored in the room...
At the same time no mood to go out as well....
Stitching ? Absolutely no...

I am thinking of giving a try in stitching an angry bird (3D) and a strawberry as well...

Wait for the outcome soon :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Felt Owl

Yay !!! Today's entry is on Felt Owl...

Sebenarnya, takde niat pun nak buat nih..

Hehe, but since i was too bored as my class was postponed to 11.30am, i started doing this owl..

What do you think of it ??? Have a look at dem...

So, here it goes....

This owl is available for purchase !!! Yep2, no worries, this is just a sample, as i managed to make only one of it... There are plenty of colours available to be chosen !!!

It is quite big, approximately6 cm x5 cm ..

Felt Owl Keychain

Price : RM 4 /pc

Isn't it cheap????

Or would you like to make one on ur own ??? Yes, now you can !!

E-TUTORIAL is available too !!!!

RM 10 only !!!

Content : Guides, template and types of stitches

Now for the beginners, here is the DIY Pack for you !!


RM 16 ( postage + RM 4 )

Content : Tutorial, template, felt, black eyes, hp strap, sufficient fiber

How to purchase ??? It's pretty easy.... Fill up the Order/Pesanan form above and wait for my reply :) That's it...
Once the payment is in, For keychain and DIY Pack,i will start packing your stuffs and for E-Tutorial, i will send the e-tutorial(PDF File) via Email and you can start making your own owl keychain !!!

p/s : Let's be crafty !!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Felt Clearance Sale ! ! ! First come first serve !

Polyster + Wool ( 1 available ) SOLD OUT

A4 Sizce

14 pieces

RM 23 including postage ( via ekspres )

4 tones of Blue Wool felt (dark blue to light blue ) ( 1 available )

18 cm x 18 cm

RM 12 RM 10 including postage ( via ekspres )

Printed Felt ( 1 available ) SOLD OUT

3/4 A4 size

5 pieces

RM 16 inlcuding postage ( via ekspres )

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3rd Giveaway cOming sOon...

RainbowChick Resources's THIRD GIVEAWAY is coming up !!

This GA is open for bloggers and facebookers as well !!


Monday, August 29, 2011

ID Card Holder Sudah Siap !!

Ni dia Id card holder yang dibuat atas permintaan..

First trial saya...lama gak saya pikir camne la nk wt tu...

ID card sy ni, saya guna mounting board tuk lapisan blkg dan depan, kain felt, eyelet, swivel hook, grossgrain ribbon, glu dan butang2 yang diimport khas dari Australia...

Memang sgt memenatkan wt holder nih...Especially part nk potong moounting board tuh...



So skrg ni sbb dh power wt nih,*kononnya* saya amik tempahan ye..

Harga : RM 17 (tidak termasuk pos)

Kaler bole pilig, tp reben dgn hiasan lain sy akan pilih mengikut kesesuaian warna card holder...Mestilah pilih yg lawa2 kan...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rotary Cutter for SALE !


I have 2 sizes of rotary cutter...

Saiz 50 sen dan 10 sen

What is a Rotary Cutter ???
It is a handy tool used to make cuts through different types of materials...Contoh, FELT, FOAM, FABRIC, PAPER..The blade is a mini version of circular saw's blade provide the convenience of cutting through materials, without lifting them out of a place.

Price -
1) Size 50 sen = RM 13
2) Size 10 sen = RM 10

Postage -
RM 3.50 via pos ekspress, kalau pos x bg, i gune pos daftar.

Colour -

Kalau berminat boleh PM saya dengan segera..Hanya ada 7 set..

With love,
RainbowChick Resources

Friday, August 12, 2011

Felt Id Card Holder ( in process )

Hello everybody...!! How are you all doing ??

Today am gonna share my first trial of id card holder which is not complete yet...dh siap nti i upload ye :D

ID card holder?? Apa fungsinye? haa....sesuai sgt tuk golongan pelajar IPTA,IPTS,warga pekerja dll...Sgt cantik dipakai tau...seyes nih...

So here's the story....

I received an order asking on Id card holder which she wants it to be similar to Kak jaja's id card holder.

Personally, kak jaja's crafts are awesome to the best !! I don't think i can make one like hers...

But why don't i give a try ??

So here are two pics of my id card holder which is incomplete (in process)

Have a look at them..

It costs RM 17 each..Sounds expensive ?? Nope, it's so much worth for the effort and costing of the materials..

The card holder is made of mounting board wrapped with felt, ribbon, swivel hook (i wandered around looking for it), fancy buttons(not complete yet)..

I took around 3-4 hours to complete this actually..

Craft item : Felt Id Card Holder
Price : RM 17

Berminat boleh inbox saya kat

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pendrive casing die pendrive casing terbaru dari RainbowChick Resources..

Comey tak ?? Ada banyak kaler, tp RCR letak sampel 2 je kat sini...

Muat semua jenis pendrive..

Kalau berminat contact2 lar...

Harga die murah je..RM 2.50

Pos skrg mahal?? xyah risau, yg ni guna pos bese je, bersen2 je...

Jgn segan silu utk bertanya :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mama Lela Drives ~

Pesanan dari Norsarniza Sarkawi...

Car signage bertulis Mama Lela Drives untuk ibu kesayangan beliau
Tema : Hitam dan pink background dengan tulisan purple

Harga : RM 11.90

Sangat berbaloi kerana car signage ini Double Layered..

Kalau berminat boleh PM saya

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hand Powered Mini Paper Shredder (4th batch) SOLD OUT

*ONLY 14 UNITS available

This Hand Powered Paper Shredder is perfect for schools, libraries, offices and more. It safely, neatly, and quietly destroys paper, and turns confidential papers into confetti!

Made of durable plastic materials, features clear container and non-slip pads on bottom. The Hand Paper Shredder fits 12cm wide paper and shreds them into 0.3cm strips.

It is suitable to shred 2 piece normal paper or 1 piece name card in thickness. Clean the Home Paper Shredder only use soft cloth with a little medium detergent and water. Don't fill over weight paper, hand or clippers, nails in paper inlet.

Product Material: Plastic
Colour : Blue
Packing Size: 15 x 10 x 18CM
Packing : color box
Shipping Weight : 450g(s) >
Price : RM 26.90 (excluding postal charges)

Postal charges : RM 7 (semenanjung) RM 12 (Sabah & Sarawak)


I do shipping worldwide but the postal charges varies according to the place of delivery.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Second Giveaway...

Gap yang agak panjang ye dr 1st giveaway RCR smpi la yg 2nd ni...hehe...maaf ye, agak sibuk sejak kebelakangan nih...

Kali ini, Giveaway nih tuk FACEBOOKERS jek...Nak bg senang sikit..ikut gaya chummycraft...hehe

Hadiahnye ni haa patung chumel kat bwh nih gn RCR's handmade M&M Brooch..Nak tak ???

Lau nak, syarat-syaratnya senang jek :-

1. LIKE page Rainbow Chick Resources kat Facebook

2. Drop komen kat bawah NOTE di FB (1 jek sorang tau )

3. Minta kengkawan LIKE komen anda

4. Malaysians jek ye

Seorang pemenang akan dipilih berdasarkan komen yang paling banyak di-LIKE

Tarikh tutup : 30 JUNE 2011

More info :

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RBT Swap Project

Here is a project by RBT (Right Brain Thinkers) group...

It is called the Swap Project...

Those who were interested were given a partner, and we are supposed to make any handmade crafts worth RM 12 (excluding postage) for our partner...

My swap project partner was Ms Vivian and she is from Kota Kinabalu...whoa~

She requested for a car signage themed pink, purple and white... *pink is her favourite color

And for me, she is making a felt box and i requested for pink and purple as well as they are my favourite colors and i would love to have something that will match my new bedroom theme color...

Here is the car sigange i have made for her...What do you think ?? Like it ??? :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sadly would like to inform that the Pos Malaysia is not accepting posts via "pos ekspress" here after except for documents (felts).

Therefore, all deliveries are only via POS LAJU which will be charged RM 6 for the first 500g and reaches your foot step the next working day as promised by Pos Malaysia.

Or the other alternative would be Registered Pos (pos daftar), RM 4.50 which will reach in 7 working days (super slow i guess)

Thank you !

With lots of love,
RainbowChick Resources

Monday, June 6, 2011

Felt Photo Frame in house !

What's new today ?? Yeah, it's the photo frame ... What do you think of it ? I made a felt photo frame with teddy and balloons with 'LOVE' written on it ... Kinda cute for me ...

Have a look at it ...

It costs only RM 8.90 for a layer ... More layers can be added subject to demand ...
Size of the frame is 11 cm x 11 cm ...

Here is the teddy bear with balloons and hearts next to it ...
Shah Rukh Khan as my model ;)
Teddy bear ...
And again teddy bear ... In love with this teddy bear *hugs*

Like it ? You can always place your order by mailing me at

This frame is available for Re-make or Custom made designs are welcomed :))

Do feel free to leave your comments below ...

Friday, June 3, 2011

One part of Fadilah's Order

Here is a part of Ms Fadilah's order..She requested for brooches and keychains..
Above is some of the keychains..Hope she will like it... :)

I am glad i managed to finish those keychains in a day..
Since it's a colourful keychain, my mom asked whether it's a chocolate bar..Lol..
Guess it suits well with my Rainbow theme :)

Here is my own design of business card..hehe..
As i don't actually use a business card but i desperately need one for the carnival, so i browsed through the internet looking for one that suit's my RainbowChick Resources, and tadaaa~ here it is...

Colourful isn't it ?? I love it ! :)

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