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Friday, June 3, 2011

Semester Break

It's semester break, and i have been busy with my crafting...
But this sem break is a lil different for me..

1st is because my classmate stayed in my house :) That's the first ever friend of mine that stayed in my house..Thanks for coming ! :D

2nd, i had to settle my pre-order Mini Shredders, wrapping, writting and everything..Fuh !

3rd, delivering them at the post office..I spent two solid days at the post office delivering them as i was not able to carry all of them one shot..

4th, finish up my pending orders, with God grace, i have finished up 80% and left 2 more brooches...

5th, i am taking part in the SK Rasa Sport's Day carnival sale..Although i will not be there, but my M&M brooches will be there for sale :) Thanks to Ms Sunshine and Kak Anis for lending their booth *hugs*

6th, Swapping partner, It's a small fun game, where we RBTers are doing swapping partners and my partner is Vivian from Kota Kinabalu..She is a pink lover so i will be doing a car signage (pink themed) for her and she will be making a felt box for me! Can't wait to see it actually :) This ends at the end of the month so i better get hurry on it !

7th, House guard, my family and i will be shifting house by this year so the renovation of the new house is in progress and we had to keep an eye on the workers once a day.The new house is some what pretty big however i don't have the heart to leave the house am currently staying..i just love it so much..I will be getting my own room in the new house which will be right next to the balcony.. So i have actually started to collect things to decorate the room. As i like purple themed colors,i am looking for door curtain,maybe love shaped or simple round. I have also bought a window curtain of Crown shaped (i love crown!) hee~

8th, today i am going to make a Bread pudding, so let's just wait for the update ! :)

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