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Friday, August 12, 2011

Felt Id Card Holder ( in process )

Hello everybody...!! How are you all doing ??

Today am gonna share my first trial of id card holder which is not complete yet...dh siap nti i upload ye :D

ID card holder?? Apa fungsinye? haa....sesuai sgt tuk golongan pelajar IPTA,IPTS,warga pekerja dll...Sgt cantik dipakai tau...seyes nih...

So here's the story....

I received an order asking on Id card holder which she wants it to be similar to Kak jaja's id card holder.

Personally, kak jaja's crafts are awesome to the best !! I don't think i can make one like hers...

But why don't i give a try ??

So here are two pics of my id card holder which is incomplete (in process)

Have a look at them..

It costs RM 17 each..Sounds expensive ?? Nope, it's so much worth for the effort and costing of the materials..

The card holder is made of mounting board wrapped with felt, ribbon, swivel hook (i wandered around looking for it), fancy buttons(not complete yet)..

I took around 3-4 hours to complete this actually..

Craft item : Felt Id Card Holder
Price : RM 17

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