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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heart Charm

Here's another order from a shop who is interested in my Heart Charm. It's a total of 25 charms..He requested for 10 charms with crytal, 5 with bells, 5 without bells and 5 with crystal and bell.

Have a look at those pretty charms :))

Click the image for a bigger view...

The prices of those charms...

Heart charm....
* with crystal - RM 4
* without crytal - RM 3.50

Additional items...
* bell - RM 0.30
* each letter RM 0.20 ( max 3 )
* "Made with love" charm - RM 1.20 (it's a silver metal love shaped charm written 'made with love' which can also be worn together with the hp charm)

Interested ? Drop ur msgs/ comments below OR to my FB inbox OR mail me at

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