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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Desire in Handmades..

For the past few weeks, i have been browsing for some ideas on handmade gifts. And i came upon many, love map, handmade cookies/cakes(cooking???), iron on transfer pictures and plenty !

And the i googled up for some handmade cards instead to find some cute stuffs and obviously easy ones as well to be made for valentines day, birthdays, simply for my boyfriend and my family because i had this sudden desire on doing something handmade which i think would be appreciated more because it is HANDMADE.

And then i came across this awesome website which belongs to miss azlina. Millions of thanks to her for coming up with such a beautiful website. Beautiful is not what i meant by the look of the site. Trust me, this website inspired me a lot ! Of so many pages and weeks i been, i never had such feelings of making my own card until i see this site which provides so many cute and lovely cards ! For the past 2 days, i have been getting stuffs like coloured papers, to be more detailed 140gms paper to be the card, some love shaped stickers where i found in Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC because i could not find heart shaped craft punch. Glue, scissors, buttons.

And you know what, 22 years of living on this earth, i have seen many origami shirts done by my own friends BUT dis image here inspired me on doing my first handmade origami shirt !

And here is the picture of the trial i have given...

isn't it cute? thee~ :D

And here comes the cards that i have admired so far ! Still have plenty to be viewed ! the time is totally jealous of me that i am only able to view few in 2 hours :D So, just imagine how long i took to admire each and every cards.. Great job ms Azlina !!!! Chiayokk !!! May you come with more designs !!! Lookin forward for more !!!

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